Council & Staff

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), the business and affairs of ACSLPA are governed by a Council. Council actions and decisions are made in accordance with the ACSLPA Vision, Mission & Values, in support of the strategic plan. Council consists of elected registered speech-language pathologists and audiologists from throughout Alberta, as well as at least 25 percent public members, who are appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council in the Alberta legislature.

The daily operations, regulatory, member services and administrative functions of ACSLPA are managed by the Registrar/CEO with the support of a small office team.

ACSLPA 2017 Council

President Joanne Richer Fodchuk, R.SLP
Vice President Michael Vekasi, R.Aud
Councillors Nicole Baumback, R.SLP
Andrea Benoit, R.SLP
Genevieve Cloutier, R.SLP
Kathleen Jones, R.Aud
Laura Manz, R.SLP
Karen Nolan, R.SLP
Public Members Lynne Davies
Michael Hart
Registrar and CEO
Michael Neth


Registrar and CEO
Complaints Director
Michael Neth
Deputy Registrar Susan Rafaat, R.SLP
Director of Professional Practice Sandy Nickel, R.SLP
Audiology Practice Advisor Ruhee Kassam, R.Aud
Registration Coordinator Susan Kraft
Executive Assistant Shelly Monson
& Office Coordinator
Leanne Kisilevich