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Regulatory Matters

Revised Authorization Criteria:  Use of Protected Title “Doctor” or “Dr.”
When Providing a Health Service

On March 24, 2018 ACSLPA Council approved revisions to the authorization criteria for Use of the Protected Title “Doctor” or “Dr.” by SLPs and Audiologists When Providing a Health Service. The new criteria and application are available on the ACSLPA website, Authorization Criteria  and Application for Use of the Protected Title 'Dr.'

Click here to access the accompanying Position Statement that provides examples of how to use the title “Doctor” or “Dr.” in face-to-face interactions and in written correspondence.

Please be reminded that in order to use the title “Doctor” or “Dr.” when providing a health service, approval must first be granted in writing by the College.

ACSLPA’s original authorization criteria for use of the protected title doctor when providing a health service date back to 2005. Individuals who were authorized based on the original 2005 criteria will continue to be authorized to use the title going forward.

As per the Health Professions Act, the title “Doctor” or “Dr.” may be used in teaching, research, and administration without requiring prior College approval.

Thanks to all members who took the time to provide feedback on the draft authorization criteria that were circulated earlier this spring.

Please contact with any questions.