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ACSLPA protects and serves the public by regulating, supporting and ensuring competent, safe, ethical practice of SLP’s and audiologists in Alberta. Membership List appointees provide service to ACSLPA as panel members for hearing tribunals and complaints review committees as outlined within the Health Professions Act. If you have an interest in understanding procedural fairness within administrative law, then being part of the professional conduct team may be for you. To apply, please fill out and sign the fillable application and email it to complaintsdirector@acslpa.ca along with a resume by October  18, 2019.

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ACSLPA’s Standards of Practice


Member Feedback Request ACSLPA is currently looking to change our Standards of Practice as follows: Revise practice standard 1.7 Telepractice Update language used in the standard to reflect current nomenclature and definitions in the realm of “virtual care” (formerly telepractice). Clarify requirements for regulated members, namely in ensuring that any risks to the client are proactively managed, and Ensure that regulated members are aware that they must practice within their legislated scope for any and all jurisdictions where they are registered. Add a new standard area 6.0 Interjurisdictional Practice, encompassing Standard 6.1 Interjurisdictional Practice Obligations. The need for this standard [...]

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