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Early Bird Renewal Discount Ended

The “Early Bird Renewal Discount” has been permanently discontinued starting with renewals for 2019. The discount has historically been available to members who renew before November 2 but the size of the discount has decreased steadily since 2013. The registration fee (for new members) and the regular renewal fee (for returning members) have both been $650 since 2010 and will remain unchanged for 2019. The $100 late fee for renewals completed after December 1 remains unchanged.

This change is the result of an ongoing effort first started in 2013. At that time, the ACSLPA Council received a report on fees and the discount which reported that;

  1. the discount was a historical feature of ACSLPA’s association days (when we were known as SHAA),
  2. the discount had been very necessary at one time to spread renewals out over a longer timeframe because they all had to be processed by hand, but that the change to automated online renewals meant that a longer timeframe was no longer operationally necessary, and
  3. other regulatory colleges did not provide a discount for early renewals, so the discount made ACSLPA an outlier among our regulatory peers in Alberta and across Canada.

After receiving the 2013 report, ACSLPA Council began an intentional process of incrementally reducing the size of the discount each year (starting with the renewals for 2014) with an aim to eventually cancel the discount altogether.

At their regularly scheduled meeting on September 15, 2018, the ACSLPA Council voted to finally end the discount starting with the renewals for 2019. Michael Neth, the ACSLPA Registrar/CEO, had the following to say about the decision: “While I believe everyone is sensitive to the fact that some members will miss the discount, this did seem like the right year to make the final decision on its fate. The operational need for the discount ceased several years ago, the number of members taking advantage of the discount has been getting smaller every year, and it was the 5th anniversary of the decision by Council vis-à-vis the discount. In addition, the regulatory environment that ACSLPA operates in has been changing relatively quickly in the last several years and we’ve been investing fairly heavily to modernize our admissions, continuing competence, conduct, and communications areas. Members won’t likely start to see and feel the full benefits of what we’ve been working on for a little while longer, but the changes are really exciting and the end of the discount allows us to keep growing the college while holding the regular rate at $650 for the 10th year in a row.”

The ACSLPA Council is made up of 8 elected ACSLPA members and 3 public members appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council.

Members with concerns about this change are asked to contact the office at or at 780-944-1609.