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Federal Access Legislation

Ever wonder how you can help influence Communication Access for your clients and others with communication disabilities?
Well, here’s a great opportunity to help advocate for Communication Access across the nation!

Did you know?
The Government of Canada is preparing to table national accessibility legislation for Canadians with disabilities. Although timelines are not certain, the bill could be tabled as early as the March sitting of parliament.

What can you do?
Initiatives such as these are positive and ACSLPA is looking at the opportunities they create for our organization and how we might engage in them in the future. In the meantime, ACSLPA members, like you, can play a part in supporting this upcoming legislation. A number of organizations are providing feedback to inform this legislation.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association ( will be hosting a webinar on March 7, 2018 to engage with people with hearing loss and their advocates. You can register here.

In addition, Communication Disabilities Access Canada (CDAC) is asking you to think about what you can do individually to prepare for and support this bill. One simple suggestion is that you contact your local Member of Parliament and ask them to support the bill when it is tabled and explain why the bill is important. Please see the CDAC “Call to Action” regarding this bill.

CDAC has provided a sample letter that you can send to your MP (see attached).

More information needed?

CDAC was selected (as one of 8 non-profit disability organizations) to provide input to the federal government on what should be included in the legislation. They have submitted a report to the government that is available to you and the public. The report provides details about input from people with speech, language and communication disabilities, family members, clinicians (such as yourselves) and disability advocates. You can read the report and recommendations here.

You can also visit the CDAC website at: