CCP Examples

The following provide examples of completed Continuing Competence Forms that meet the criteria of the CCP. Reviewing the examples provided should assist members in successfully completing their online continuing competence forms.

Please note that as minor revisions are made to the online forms, the wording of headings in the sample forms may differ from what is online.

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) Examples

Example 1 - Audiologist Clinical/Administrative (PDF)
Example 2 - SLP Clinical Adult (PDF)
Example 3 - SLP Clinical Pediatrics (New Grad) (PDF)
Example 4 - Audiologist Clinical (PDF)
Example 5 - SLP/Aud Non-clinical (PDF)

Continuing Competence Goal Tool (CCGT) Examples

Examples of CCGTs for audiologists that meet the criteria of the CCP:

Example 1 - Audiologist Clinical (PDF)
Example 2 - Audiologist Clinical (PDF)
Example 3 - Audiologist Non-clinical (PDF)

Examples of CCGTs for speech-language pathologists that meet the criteria of the CCP:

Example 1 - SLP Clinical (PDF)
Example 2 - SLP Clinical (PDF)
Example 3 - SLP Non-clinical (PDF)
Example 4 - SLP Non-clinical (SLP)

External Feedback to Support Learning Examples

Case Review Examples
Example 1 - Aud - Case Review (PDF)
Example 2 - SLP - Case Review (PDF)

Peer Feedback Examples
Example 1 - Peer Feedback (PDF)
Example 2 - Admin - Peer Feedback (PDF)

Guideline/Document Review Example
Example 1 - Guideline Document (PDF)