Courtesy Registration

On occasion, a speech-language pathologist or audiologist who is from outside of Alberta and not registered with ACSLPA may plan to engage in providing professional services in Alberta on a short-term basis. Such individuals must be registered with ACSLPA prior to providing professional services and may be eligible for Courtesy Registration. Under the ACSLPA Bylaws, Courtesy Registration may be granted to an individual who is entitled to practice in a jurisdiction outside of Alberta, and who will be engaging in the following activities.

  • Conducting a speech-language pathology or audiology training course or clinical presentation at an approved teaching site;
  •  Conducting or engaging in a research program;
  • Conducting or engaging in an accreditation program; or
  • Demonstrating equipment or techniques to be used in direct clinical care.

For further information or to apply for Courtesy Registration, please contact the ACSLPA office.