Jurisprudence Education Requirements

As per ACSLPA policy, all regulated members must successfully complete the jurisprudence education requirements of the College. The jurisprudence education requirements consist of a series of online education modules and an online multiple choice examination, designed to ensure that regulated members gain knowledge and understanding of the relevant legislation, regulation, ethical/practice standards and requirements of a regulated health professional in Alberta.

New Applicants/New Regulated Members

ACSLPA will inform the new regulated member of the jurisprudence education requirements and instructions for access to the education materials. New regulated members will have a condition placed on their practice permit, stating that they must complete the ACSLPA jurisprudence education requirements. Such registered members will have 30 days to complete the required jurisprudence education requirements, after which their conditional practice permit will expire.

Existing Regulated Members

In response to feedback from ACSLPA members and staff, on September 24, 2016, ACSLPA Council decided to introduce a grace period ahead of making the jurisprudence education requirement mandatory. It will become mandatory at a future date to be determined by Council.

The change in policy on jurisprudence education is such that:

a)  Regulated members are encouraged to voluntarily complete the jurisprudence education until it becomes mandatory;

b)  The jurisprudence education requirement will continue to be mandatory for all new applicants of the College upon registration;

c)  Members who wish to voluntarily complete the jurisprudence education can enter it as a 2017 CCP Goal, when doing their registration renewal, before completing the education.

Regulated members who have already completed the jurisprudence education in 2016 can apply the jurisprudence education as a 2017 CCP goal. The regulated member would then be exempt from the requirement, when it becomes mandatory, for five years after the date that they have completed the education.

For more information, please go to: Jurisprudence Education Requirements