New Applicants Registration FAQs

When completing my application forms, can I submit photocopies of the required documents?

An original, signed application form must to submitted to ACSLPA. Photocopied, faxed or scanned forms will not be accepted. The checklist included in the Registration and Practice Permit Application Package states which documents must be submitted in their original form, and which documents must be submitted directly from the issuing institution.

How long will it take to process my registration application?

The length of time required to process registration applications will vary, but in general, is as follows:

Applicant Type


Approximate Minimum Length of Time Required to Process Application*


New Graduates of Canadian Accredited Programs

1 – 2 weeks

New Graduates Trained in the United States

1 – 2 weeks

Applicants from Other Canadian Regulated Jurisdictions

1 – 2 weeks

Applicants from Canadian Unregulated Jurisdictions and the United States

1 – 2 weeks

Applicants Educated Outside of Canada or the United States

4 – 6 months**

(Reflects additional time that may be required for review by Registration Committee)

* This reflects the approximate minimum length of time required to process an application once the applicant has submitted all documentation required by ACSLPA.

** The Speech-Language & Audiology (SAC) Certification Examination is held two times per year, typically in the fall and the spring. Applicants who are referred to write the examination will not became registered until ACSLPA receives notification of successful completion. While it can take up to 4 - 6 months to process an application, including review by the Registration Committee, additional time will be required for successful completion of the examination prior to becoming registered. The amount of time will depend upon the timing of referral and writing of the examination.

Can I begin working while I wait for my registration application to be processed or wait for the results of my SAC Certification Examination Results?

No. You may not begin working until you are registered with ACSLPA. It is illegal and an offence under the Health Professions Act for a person to work or volunteer as a speech-language pathologist or audiologist in Alberta, or provide professional services to the public within Alberta without being registered with ACSLPA.

Do I need to write the SAC Certification Examination in order to become registered with ACSLPA?

Depending upon your education background and work experience, the Registration Committee may refer you to write the SAC Certification Examination. If you are required to write this examination you will be advised accordingly.

I am a member of an association that has a mutual recognition or reciprocity agreement with SAC. Does this agreement also apply to ACSLPA?

No. ACSLPA is a regulatory body, not a member association. As such, mutual recognition or reciprocity agreements with SAC (the national member association) do not apply to ACSLPA or other Canadian regulatory bodies.