Why see an Audiologist?

When seeing an audiologist, one can expect the following to occur over a series of appointments:

  • During the first visit, the client will be asked to complete any required paperwork. The audiologist will likely conduct an interview to obtain information regarding the client’s medical history in order to obtain better understanding of the concerns/difficulties being experienced by the client.
  • The audiologist will then perform any appropriate hearing or balance tests.
  • Following completion of the required tests, the audiologist will explain the results and make appropriate recommendations. Further audiology appointments will focus on ensuring that the recommended strategies are working for the client.

Position Statement for Hearing Aid Consumers

In 2016, the Canadian Academy of Audiology (CAA) and Speech-Language & Audiology Canada (SAC) released a new position statement on Direct-to-Consumer Sale of Hearing Aids, which informs consumers on the benefit of seeing an audiologist prior to purchasing hearing aids and related devices, outlining the importance and necessity for safe and competent hearing health care services.