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External Feedback Component due by Dec. 1, 2017

All ACSLPA registered members who were registered as of 2014 will be required to complete their first external feedback component by December 1, 2017. It can be completed at any time before the deadline.

Participation in the CCP is optional for members who do not have "Registered" membership status for any part of the year. New "Registered" ACSLPA members, or regulated members changing their membership status from “Non-practicing” to “Registered” must set at least one competence goal using the CCGT at the time of registration renewal. Completion of one of three external feedback options is required by the time of their third renewal as a registered member.

Please go to the Member Login and click on the External Feedback tab to access the forms.

For more information, see also CCP External Feedback Requirements

Jurisprudence as your CCP Goal
and External Feedback Requirements

CCP Frequently Asked Questions
Many members have contacted the ACSLPA office looking for answers to the following questions:

1) I’ve chosen to complete ACSLPA’s new Jurisprudence Training Module as my continuing competence goal in 2017, and I also need to complete my first external feedback option this year. What should I do?

We suggest that you complete the Guideline/Document Review option for your external feedback submission. Choose one of the documents that is addressed in the jurisprudence training modules and take a closer look at it. For example, this could include ACSLPA’s Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, the Health Professions Act itself, or privacy legislation that is relevant to your particular practice environment. Reflect on the contents of the guideline/document – is there anything in there that surprises you? Anything that might require a change in your practice? Does it confirm what you already knew and how you’ve been practicing for the past while?

2)   Which guidelines or documents do we choose from when completing the Guideline/Document Review option for our External Feedback component this year?

There are no restrictions as to which guideline or documents can be reviewed. Choose a document that is relevant to the continuing competence goal you set for yourself this year. For example, if your goal is focused on learning more about documentation, you might want to review ACSLPA’s Clinical Documentation and Record Keeping Guideline. If your goal is focused on a clinical topic, there might be an ASHA or SAC clinical guideline you would like to review. The guideline or document does not need to be an ACSLPA guideline; however, it should guide SLP or audiology practice. Reviewing scholarly articles or publications is not the intended purpose of this external feedback component.

Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) 

The Self-Assessment Tool (SAT) is to be completed every three years. Doing so will help you review your competency goals and assess the areas that you would like to focus on in the future. You can complete the SAT at any time.

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