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Please join your colleagues as they are recognized for their outstanding achievements. We'll be recognizing our Horizon winners, Student winners and of course, the winner of the 2018 Honours of the College. In addition, we have some very long-standing members who are turning in their volunteer hats after more than 20 years on a committee.   

Members will also hear more about what it means to be a regulatory college – what is our mandate anyway? Why don’t we provide more member services?

You can expect some small group discussion as we seek your input into a number of key areas.

  • How do we best serve you (and the public)?
  • What do you (and the public) need from their college?
  • Your thoughts about professional development available through the college?
  • How can we best keep you in the loop?

Here’s your chance to share ideas and shape the ongoing work of the college. Remember, YOU are the “self” in self-regulation.  Here is your opportunity to hear and be heard!

In preparation, you may wish to review ACSLPA’s 2018-2020 Strategic Plan.

  • Northern Alberta Members' Forum
    • Tuesday, October 23
      3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
      Glenrose Room, Royal Glenora Club
      11160 River Valley Road, Edmonton
  • Southern Alberta Members' Forum
    • Thursday, October 25
      3:00 pm - 5:30 pm
      FCJ Retreat & Conference Centre
      219 - 19th Avenue SW, Calgary

Free parking is available at both venues. Refreshments will be served. Deadline to Register: Wednesday, October 17.

Click here for the secure Registration Form.

Your annual registration fees pay for these types of events. When a registrant does not show up, costs are still incurred. To register, a deposit of $20 is required and when you arrive at the forum, your payment will be returned to you in cash. Space will be limited
at both venues.

A certificate of attendance will be provided upon request.