Paying for SLP Services

The way in which SLP services are paid for will vary depending on where services are provided and the type of payment coverage that an individual might be eligible for.

In a Publicly Funded Facility

Speech-language pathology services accessed in Alberta Health Services (AHS) facilities (i.e., hospitals, community health centres, schools) are funded through the public health care system. Check the Alberta Health Services website and search for “speech-language pathology.”

Outside of a Publicly Funded Facility

The way in which speech-language pathology services are paid for when accessed outside of a publicly funded facility will vary. Albertans who have employer or private health benefit plans may have coverage for speech-language pathology services. Details of the coverage provided will vary between plans and should be confirmed prior to accessing services. Individuals who do not have such coverage will be required to pay directly for any speech-language pathology services accessed. However, in some cases, a person may qualify for government funding, depending upon their needs.